Who We Are

Fans. Machining. Fabrication. We do it all.

Our crew is capable of designing and producing the parts you need for nearly any application. Our talented engineers will solve your problem with smart and efficient designs, and our skilled technicians will use our high-end equipment to machine, cut, bore, or build it. As for our customer service? It’s the best.

If it’s air movement you need, our products are second to none. From variable speed circulation fans to engine cooling applications, we have it all. We’ve partnered with the world’s foremost fan manufacturers of ventilation and cooling fans as well as developed our own line of products. Our wide variety of fan options allows us to truly select the best fan for your application.

Mike Fehlhafer – Chief Engineer

Al Koski – CFO

Dave Donohoe – Sales Manager

Beau Kmoch – Project Manager

Adam Simmerman – Production Manager

Elaine Dittmar – Assembly Supervisor

Carl Fehlhafer – CAM Specialist

Jesse Crowdell – Inside Sales

Justine Schmidt – Design Engineer

Located in the Heartland of America, we take great pride in manufacturing a quality product at an affordable price, and offering it to our customers in a timely fashion. You’ll find that when you become a Breeza customer you experience some of the best service you’ve ever encountered. That’s how we treat everyone. Once you have a taste of our service, our product and our follow-up, you’ll come back again and again.

We are a fabrication and machining shop, but what we’ve always been known for is our fans. Our fans are available in diameters ranging from 6 to 60 inches and offer the best aerodynamic design, corrosion resistant materials, higher static pressure capabilities, and adjustable blade pitch settings. Our industrial fans are custom designed fans yet use standard components to meet our customers’ application requirements.

We’re not just fans. We’re a full service machine and fabrication shop, too. Try us. You’ll like what we do.