Precision Machining

Machine and Job Shop

Breeza Industrial offers in-house machining for nearly any aluminum, plastic, steel, or stainless steel parts you need. With a shop full of CNC machines, we’re able to quickly turn out orders of almost any quantity.

Between our standard pieces built in the machine shop and the creative problem solvers in the job shop, we can do it all. Take a look at a few pieces below to see how versatile our services are.

Machined Parts

Our team of machinists have decades of experience making precision components, especially parts that are to be attached to a motor. Whether it’s made in a CNC machine or on the manual lathe, our team turns out amazing quality on short order. Take a look at the gallery to the right to see a sampling of the parts we most regularly make.

With 35 years of experience in the fan industry, our engineers and technicians have perfected the process of manufacturing fan components. We know what parts work best with each fan, and we build them quickly. We are a one-stop shop in air movement, from the engine forward.

Ask us about motors and fan guards, too. We can get you what you need. We do it all.

Machining Line Sheet

Job Shop

When we opened our job shop it was because we realized most of our customers needed more than fan parts, and we already had the machines and the employees. Since opening its doors we’ve found business in the bottling industry, making parts for custom hot rods, and we’ve fulfilled orders for many of our customers who needed odd jobs done.

Precision is our thing. We’ve got the tools and the right people to make whatever you need, and we can do small or large orders. Our team of machinists can do absolutely anything, and they like challenges. Try and stump them with a job.

Design and Drawing

Do you require a prototype or a Solid Works drawing of your component? Three dimensional drawings are available for all of our products. Do you need technical assistance or data? Our engineers and sales departments are ready to do it. We use datastick vibration spectrum analysis, a state-of-the-art hand held device, to assure the quality of new installations and diagnose problems with certain application failures. Our Tesa Micro-Hite and View Master Optical Comparator add to our capability to provide detailed measurements for all tight tolerance applications.