Fabrication Shop

We aren’t your normal fabrication shop. We’ll do all the jobs the other guy will, but with our machine shop and fan shop right up the road we can go bigger than you ever expected.

Our water-jet table cuts the big stuff, our press break handles up to 10-foot lengths, and our 30,000-square-foot shop is more than capable of handling the big jobs. With design services in house, we’re just waiting for you to bring us your idea or problem. We’ll be the solution and the production.

Fabrication Line Sheet

Water Jet Table

Even companies who have their own water jets are reaching out to us for help. Our table is huge and can handle big cutting jobs. And we’re prepared to cut metal up to 7-inches thick. We’re happy to take on small jobs or engineer and build a complete package for you.

Water jet cutting metal.

A.J. Hansen – Project Manager

A local guy, A.J. grew up just a few miles down the road in Cordova, Nebraska. When Breeza decided to open a fabrication shop A.J. was part of the original crew. Now he’s running the facility and is lead engineer and designer on most projects. He possesses a degree in manufacturing engineering, and has chosen to stick around small town for the long term. “I like working at a small town company like Breeza Fab because I can work with customers on a more personal level.  We are able to connect with them and show them our focus and desire that I feel gets lost at larger companies.”


Address: 460 2nd St
Utica, NE 68456
Phone: 402-534-2015 ext.111