Chevrolet (GM) Industrial Engine Replacement Fans

Chevy (GM) Engine Replacement Fans

Two small industrial fansChevy has used a lot of different fans in their industrial engine packages over the years, so it’s a good thing we know how to build each and every one of them.  Our team knows how to use specialized software to develop the perfect fan for your application.

Here are a few of the fans we have experience building, and we’re adding to the list all the time.  Click on the drop-down lines below, and if you don’t see your model here, don’t worry.  Give us a call and we’ll build it for you.

New Industrial Engines
1.6 L
2.4 L
3.0 L
4.3 L
5.0 L
5.7 L
8.1 L
Older Industrial Engine Models
GM Diesel Series 51
GM Diesel Series 53
GM Diesel Series 71
GM Diesel Series 110
GMC Toro-Flow
Detroit Diesel Series 149
Detroit Diesel Series 92

Fast Fan Replacement

In most cases replacement fans are shipped within 24 hours.