Fan Size

It’s important to understand that we don’t stock fans for any certain engine application.  Instead, we have a few different sizes of hubs with varying blade lengths that have adjustable pitches.  Once we run the numbers through our software to determine the amount of air your fan needs to move, we piece together the correct hub and blades, then pitch the blades and cut the fan down to the correct diameter.  What comes out is the perfect fan for your application.

Whether you need 10,000 fans for original manufacturing or a single fan to get your well motor back up and running, we want your business.  Take a look below at the size ranges we offer.

6 – 18 Inches

Our small fans are available in all blade styles and can be built in both adjustable or fixed pitch set ups, thanks to having the Breeza line of fans and the HasconWing line by HW Ventilation.  We can prepare any of our fans to fit your needs by providing additional mounting hardware, too. Taperlocks and Trantorque bushings are always available, and we can custom machine the fan hub to perfectly fit your application.

These smaller fans are most often used in electric motor and small engine applications such as air compressors, well pumps, generators, and other agricultural functions.

18 – 36 Inches

The majority of the fans we build fall in this size range.  All blade types are available to suit your application, whether it be aluminum, composite, or our anti-static blades (up to 27 inches). From three-blade to 20-blade, we’re happy to build it. We can build a Breeza or HasconWing fan to suit your needs.

Is your fan pulley or shaft-mounted? No matter the application, we’ll provide all the right guidance and hardware to fit. This size range is often used to cool large radiators or generators, but also often finds its way in the agriculture industry.

36 – 65 Inches

Our larger fans are in high demand in the forestry, construction, mining, commercial ventilation, and generator industries. Their light-weight construction promises high efficiency and less noise output.

Looking for a fan to cool heavy machinery? We’ll build it.  Engineers love our products for large-engine applications. Breeza fans reach up to 54 inches in diameter, and we carry the materials to build a HasconWing up to 49 inches, and Truflo Fans up to 65 inches.

Building a 48-inch adjustable pitch axial fan

Monster Fans

While we specialize in fans up to 65 inches in diameter, we’ve been known to produce monster fans for customers who have specific applications. We’ve worked with our partners to build fans up to 24-feet in diameter.

So if you have a need for a monster fan, just give us a call. We’re problem solvers.