Good Value


Most powerful 20 inch circulation fan tested at BESS Labs
BESS C18256

EC20 MAX’s 4370 CFM is 13% more CFM than leading competitor


26% less power at same CFM as competitor, efficient ECM technology, 0-10v

Good Value

Verified savings of $190 or more a year in operating costs per fan**


IP54 water resistant motor, ex conduit, powder coated basket and universal bracket


All parts serviceable and/or replaceable, sealed 50,000 hour motor

*Cubic Feet per Minute. **Based on 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, $0.13 kw/hr. Matched to competitor day time CFM, night time smart airow 100+ feet per minute 32 ft throw.

Two Voltage Options Available

Full Spec Sheets available

Increased Yield

Plant stomata are small openings located on the bottom of every leaf.

When airflow is at the ideal speed of 100-150 FPM the stomata will remain open and absorb CO2.

Increasing yield by up to 30%

Correct wind speed paired with ideal temperature and humidity gives the plant signals to open the guard cells of the stomata located on the bottom of each leaf. This allows the CO2 in the air to enter the stoma, supporting plant growth and overall health.

If these  conditions are not ideal, stomata will remain closed, resulting in plant stress and possible death. Ideal conditions reduce instances of product loss, increasing yield by up to 30%.

Smart Airflow

Optimum growing conditions are 100 Feet Per Minute. John Bartok Jr.

Snap-Fans provide 221% greater air volume moving at 100 FPM or higher at a distance of 40 ft compared to leading competitor

Consuming 30% less energy

According to industry leading agronomist, wind speed of 50-100 feet per minute is ideal for greenhouse circulation. The correct amount of airflow throughout the plant canopy
will create uniform temperature while removing excess heat, reduce condensation and decrease instances of foliar disease.

Air speeds over 200 FPM are detrimental to plant health, can cause cellular damage, plant stress and require additional watering due to evaporation.