Wire Fan Guards

“Our fan guards set a high bar for quality.  We’re proud to pair the best available guards with our industry-leading fans.”

Mike Fehlhafer

Chief Engineer, Breeza Industrial

We’d love to show you a catalog of all of our fan guards, but that’s really not possible. Each guard is made to custom fit your need, so the possibilities are endless. Our engineers will design a guard to fit the custom shape of your application perfectly. No more fitting a standard size guard to your air-movement application.  And we’re not just talking about one-off guards.  We love high volume orders.

We have single piece or split-side guard models, basket and flat. We also offer powder coating in multiple colors, as well as zinc coating. We generally work in steel wire, but we also offer brass. Our pricing is competitive, and our product is great. Typical lead time is 4-6 weeks, which is less than half of the industry standard. Let us take care of your fans, guards, and mounting hardware.