Fan Blades

Glass Reinforced Polypropylene (GRP)

  • Breeza Fan
  • -40˚C (-40˚F) to 70˚C (158˚F)
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Most common blades

Glass Reinforced Nylon (GRN)

  • Breeza Fan
  • Greater strength at higher temperatures
  • -40˚C (-40˚F) to +150˚C (302˚F)
  • For higher speed applications

Aluminum LM6

  • Breeza Fan
  • Up to 400˚C (752˚F) for short usage
  • -40˚C (-40˚F) to 250˚C (482˚F) for continuous use
  • Good for smoke and fume extraction


  • Breeza Fan
  • For explosion-proof environments
  • Carbon added to GRN blades

Glass Reinforced Polyamide