Breeza Industrial is in the business of helping people solve problems.   We started in the air-movement industry in 1989 helping customers with custom cooling packages, and our work now ranges across dozens of industries outside of cooling.   We’re adding new capabilities and employee know-how regularly to help our customers create what they need at a price-point that makes sense for their business.

As part of our ‘problem solver’ persona, we’ve been creating new designs, prototypes, and small-order products for our customers for years.  Now we’re ready to take it to the next step.   We want to do more than just develop new products, we want to manufacture them, too.  We believe that our manufacturing experience and Nebraska work ethic are a perfect combination to make us an important commodity for the state, the region, and the country.

We brought on our first high-volume manufacturing job in October from a California-based company, with the expectation of building 500-1,000 pieces for them in 2018.  Now we’re looking for new customers who want a low-cost, high-quality answer for their manufacturing.

We’re already well trained in cooling, electric motors, super-structures, and other cooling-based projects, but we’re capable of much more.  And being located at the crossroads of America makes distribution a breeze.  What can Breeza do for you?