My first year in the industrial fan world has been filled with all kinds of learning experiences, thanks in great part to company leadership who continues to put me in positions to learn.  Last week I was in New Orleans for the International Workboat Show and the lessons continued.

Breeza Industrial caters mostly to the stationary power industry.  Our experience is a perfect fit, and our fans and machined parts are, too.  But as you might imagine, industrial fans like ours can fit into a multitude of industries.  The workboat world was a perfect fit, so I made a week of it with the top companies in the industry.

The Ernest N. Morial Convention Center was a fantastic venue for the show, saddled right up to the western bank of the Mississippi River.  Tens of thousands of attendees made their way around the well-planned venue, and exhibitors from every corner of the industry brought smiles and great information to the table.  As a newbie just trying to learn, I couldn’t have asked for a more welcoming group.

Huge engine at workboat show

I found boat builders from all parts of the world willing to answer my questions, heat exchanger manufacturers willing to explain their products, and all kinds of additional applications where our products would fit well.

I was amazed by the ingenuity and genius that goes into the design and engineering of a large vessel.  Equally impressive was the brilliance that goes into the safety side of the industry.  Observing the way brilliant and creative minds attack problems I didn’t even know exist will always fascinate me.

I talked to a lot of business owners and leaders who have experienced a couple tough years in a row.  And much like the construction, agriculture, stationary power, mining, and gas and oil industries, groups we work closely with, the workboat community is working hard to keep hard-working people employed through these tough times.

Yes, I learned a great amount about the industry and where Breeza’s products fit into it, but more importantly I found another enormous group of people who are working hard and fighting to advance an industry through hard times.  Meeting hard-working people truly is one of the best parts of my job.

Next week we head to Florida for yet another learning experience at PowerGen in Orlando.  I’m sure I’ll find the same thing there that I found in New Orleans.  Information-rich people who love what they do and are excited to share it with anyone willing to listen.