For many decades Lister Petter was the leading manufacturer in industrial stationary motors.  The small, durable, and reliable engines they made were the cornerstone of their business, and because of this they were put to work all across the globe in all kinds of industries.

But after falling on hard times and reorganizing its business several times in many different locations, parts have become very difficult to source.  Tens of thousands of Lister Petter engines are still in use across the world with little access to parts, which also makes it increasingly difficult to find good service.

Here at Breeza Industrial we have a vested interest in Lister Petter engines being well maintained.  We built the cooling fan for the original manufacturer, and we want to make sure we have engines to keep cooling.  So, I decided to create a one-stop spot to help LP owners find the parts they need to keep running.

If it’s a fan you need, contact Breeza Industrial.  We can have a fan for your Lister Petter or any other engine in the mail in 24 hours.  If you need other parts, try these folks.  They’re all on the other side of the pond, but I’m sure they will be able to help you.

Additional LP Part Sources:

Lister Parts

Real Diesels

Marine Engine Services Ltd.

Sleeman & Hawken Ltd.