Breeza Fans USA is now Breeza Industrial. After 25 years under the old name, a name that’s known to thousands of companies around the world and so many people around Central Nebraska, it was time to change it up.

It’s not a huge change, but we wanted to take a few minutes to explain what the change is all about and answer some basic questions you might have.

We’re Way More than Just Fans. Since opening the shop in 1990, our customers have needed us to build and supply more than just a fan. So over the years we’ve added a full machine and job shop, and a fabrication shop so we could build bigger and better products. We’ve been running a shop that can do nearly anything you need, so we wanted our name to reflect that.

We’re Still the Same Company! This is the most important thing for everyone to know. It’s still the same people doing much of the same stuff. We just wanted to generalize our name a little bit so people would understand better what all we do.

Our Customer Service is Still Awesome. If you’ve worked with us in the past, you know that our engineers and sale team are the best. They understand your needs and figure out the best way to serve you. The most efficient quality product, the best price, and the fastest delivery time are our three focuses, and now we can offer all three on many additional products. If you’ve been working with another company for your machined parts of fabrication work, now is the time to let us take over.

So there it is. We’re still the same guys, we’ve just expanded to include many of the other services your industry needs. If you’ve got any questions about what are capabilities are, check out our new website or give our sales manager Dave Donohoe a call (402-534-2015). He would be happy to help you out.