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The Largest Supplier of Replacement Fans in United States of America

BREEZA FANS USA is a Nebraska based manufacturer and distributor of highly efficient axial flow impellers, custom and stock wire fan guards, custom and stock fan spacers, fan mounting hardware (keyless trantorques and QD style taperloc bushings), electric motors, and individual impeller components.


BREEZA FANS USA is committed to supplying industrial fans for both engine and shaft mounted applications. These cooling fans are available in diameters ranging from 8 to 53 inches offering the best aerodynamic design, corrosion resistant materials, higher static pressure capabilities, and adjustable blade pitch settings. Standard applications include diesel engine cooling, building ventilation, and electric/pneumatic/ hydraulic motor fan driven cooling. Our industrial fans are custom designed fans yet use standard components to meet our customers application requirements.


BREEZA FANS USA specializes in almost all industrial engine cooling and air movement applications. Whether it is a ventilation fan or an engine cooling fan, our industrial fans are setting the standard for the quickest delivery and most versatile fans available today. Combine that with our wire fan guards, fan adapters, fan mounting hardware and modular fan design, it is easy to understand why customers regard our axial flow impellers as consistently delivering maximum airflow with less horsepower and reduced noise levels.